Art D'Eco Terminals Diamond Earrings with Rare Emerald Crystals in 18k Gold Jewelry

$ 6,880.00

18k yellow gold and diamonds inlayed in Organic Palm Ivory with naturally formed Emerald crystals on 18k yellow gold post earrings. D. 0.29, Em Crystal approx 1.64 tw.

Measurement: 42x10mm

Limited Edition- Contact us to say "hi" and for availability if out of stock.

*Bespoke Gem Colors/Types Available upon request

A homage to material or mental travel (meditation); Irthly invites you to explore departures and arrivals, gates, and receptions so often displayed in the scenes of the 1920s.  To every destination, goal, or aspiration, there is a place of departure and arrival.  Irthly places value in such points.  Yet Alvarado values more what is in and occurs between and beyond the two ostensive points.  The Terminals are end points holding within it something sacred, akin to that of the Pagoda or Stupa.  This is truly precious.

Metaphysical Properties: The gold heals and attracts positive energy.  The diamonds purify and inspire the spirit.  Emerald crystals open and nurture the heart bringing freshness and vitality to the spirit.  Emeralds focuses on patience and it embodies unity, compassion, and unconditional love to assist in whatever ailments or misfortunes might come about.  It also helps with memory retention and mental clarity.

Uniqueness level: Irreplaceable.  This is it.

*The Rare Columbian Emeralds are kept and set as they come from the mines.  No man-made features are added.

*Giving Homage to the Art Deco age's famous motifs.

*Light Weight.  No pulling down on ear holes.

*Symbolizing the Preciousness of Birth and Creation.

*Promoting Sustainability, Eco-Consciousness, and Fair Trade Principles.

*All Metals are fastened to the Palm Ivory, no glues used to fasten.

*Ethically Sourced and Socially Ethical Company.

*Slow-Made in Los Angeles.  From the world, to the world.

 Base Style#: DTE01

**Expected Delivery Time**

Most pieces are made to order and will take between 1-3 weeks to complete from when your order was confirmed. If in stock, we will try to send it within a week after confirmation.  Please do let us know if you require your order urgently.  We understand and will do everything possible to oblige.  Besides, it is an exciting challenge.

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