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Art D'Eco Sepulcher Diamond Pendant in 18k Gold Jewelry

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18k gold and diamonds inlayed in Organic Palm Ivory on 18K gold 16" chain. D 0.09 tw, PS 0.12 ct.

Measurement: 43x10mm

Celebrating the Egyptian influence in Art Deco, Irthly presents Geb’s tomb (Geb being the God of Earth, minerals and gems)  As the outer spear points towards the earth and the inner spear points to the stars and sky (A call to Geb’s wife, the goddess of the stars and sky (Nut)), it reminds us of the fragile relationship between heaven and earth, and our role in it; and in the balance and harmony of relationships. Being the tomb of Geb, it also symbolizes the dark possibility of Earth’s demise if humanity becomes careless in its harmony and eco-consciousness.

Metaphysical Properties: The gold heals and attracts positive energy.  The diamonds purify and inspire the spirit for balance and harmony.

Uniqueness level: Unique

*An elegant design with subtle dark and edgy qualities that demands attention. 

*Giving Homage to the Art Deco age's famous motifs.

*Dress up or Dress Down.

*Symbolizing the Preciousness of Birth and Creation.

*Promoting Sustainability, Eco-Consciousness, and Fair Trade Principles.

*All Metals are fastened to the Palm Ivory, no glues used to fasten.

*Ethically Sourced and Socially Ethical Company.

*Slow-Made in Los Angeles.  From the world, to the world.

 Base Style#: DSEPP01

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