Slow-Made Goods and The Holiday Frenzy:  Meaningful Gifts Take Time, So Order Soon

In my latest newsletter I sent my subscribers (if you are not one, be one below) a quick message reminding them about bespoke crafting and the considerations one should have when buying these special gifts for the holiday season.  I will elaborate a bit more here.

So even before we can enjoy Thanksgiving with our family and friends, the holiday shopping frenzy is being promoted with fervor.  For some, it may feel as if the commercial frenzy starts earlier and earlier each year and it does not please you.  For others, the more time we get to receive sales and promotions, the better for you. Whatever the case may be, our mind is getting prepared to buy, buy, buy, and to expect deals.

Most of the time, businesses start the promotional frenzy early to capture the customers first who are looking to buy, with deals and offers of items in inventory that companies would like to move.  The business who receives your holiday budget first obviously is the winner.

It seems that in some cases, it is a well functioning symbiotic relationship where customers want time to buy and get deals and businesses want to capture the consumer first.

But there is another reason why some businesses start the promotional frenzy earlier.

For businesses who craft unique items as ordered (bespoke), the reason we would like to promote our craft early is to be able to be part of the holiday shopping and have enough time to deliver before the holidays.  Meaningfully crafted gifts take time.  Some artisans and designers need time to produce pieces that are made to order.

I know some of you really would like to give meaningful, ethical, slow-made gifts for the holidays.  Some of you prefer not to spend your hard earned money on items that businesses are frantically trying to get rid of.  Those type of items seem shallow gifts that do not provide any substantive value to the intended recipient.  If you are one of these considerate individuals, then you need to consider that meaningful crafts need time.  You need to take heed to that business that is promoting their craft months before the holidays and not believe that you have more time to make a purchasing decision.  If they are providing you with a deal in November, it is not because they are providing you a deal for November shopping but rather for the holidays.  So jump on it.  If you find something that resonates with you and it is a few weeks before the holidays, commit to it, support the artist and let them make something special with plenty of time.

I would like to personally remind you all that if you are in the market for a meaningful piece of fine jewelry, have me in mind sooner than later.  Some items in my sample line can be delivered within a week before Christmas. Most can be made within 2 to 3 weeks.  So the sooner the better if you want a unique piece of fine jewelry slow-made in the US.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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