Introducing other precious concepts and elements of our world into fine jewelry is our mission. Making statement jewelry is our material expressive segment of this venture, but the underlying philosophical purpose is an educational one. To present other valuable concepts and elements, and make them feel valuable and precious is our true intent. As we present our expressions through jewelry, we would like people to talk, discuss, and reassess value. If while wearing our jewelry, a conversation about jewelry is raised, then our underlying purpose is accomplished.  But we must continue to raise awareness through many more channels.  As such, Irthly is looking deeply into selecting a few charitable institutions that promote education, specifically in children education.

Founder David Alvarado, a future teacher of philosophy for children, feels strongly about presenting more philosophically meaningful conversations to children in schools.  No matter your religious, spiritual, or philosophical background, allowing kids to raise deep questions of life, and learning how to cherish and admire those questions is important to him. So he wishes to contribute to that effort by donating to several organizations that promote philosophy and more profound education to children.

We are proud and honored to announce that we are officially donating proceeds of our profit to our first institution: UW Center for the Philosophy for Children.  We welcome your support by either donating to these organizations individually or through buying any of our items. Our aspirations are high. We hope that one day, our children will be able to appreciate the world beyond them, have the freedom to dig deeper into life’s great questions, and value the world more profoundly.

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