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$ 17,200.00

Triple Bar Diamond Ring With Spikes and Emerald Cut Diamond Center

This triple bar ring is made in 14k and 18K, premium cut diamonds and one collection quality Emerald Cut center stone. The spikes or arrows freely move so that they can point downwards at any angle. Our designs contain an unparalleled proportion of metal to support the fine gems it accents. This trendy, unique, and meaningful triple bar ring can be worn in elegant attire or when you want to make a serious fashion statement!

Inspirational Jewelry - Call For Grounding

The gold spikes on these gold diamond jewelry are directional arrows pointing downward as a call to ground oneself to the fundamentals of life, nature, the divine, destiny, and enlightenment.  As Laozi (Ancient Chinese Philosopher) says,


Laozi (Lao Tzu), a Chinese Philosopher said,

  "Attain complete vacuity.
Maintain steadfast and stern quitetude.
All things come to being.
And I see thereby their return.
All things flourish. 
But each one returns to its root. Return to its root means tranquility.
It is called return to destiny.
To return to destiny is called eternal.
To know the eternal is called enlightenment."

It is for those who want a stern silent statement that shows you resonate with the workings of our fundamental nature and a connection to the divine .

Wear it as a reminder to be grounded in health and mind.

Custom Jewelry Options Available Upon Request

Uniqueness level: Irthly Original

*Gem Weights: RD 1.58 tcw, EC 0.45 ct.


*We use premium cut diamonds in the EF VS quality for our 18K gold and EFG VS/SI quality for our 14K gold.

*Ethically Sourced and Socially Ethical Company.

*Slow-Made in Los Angeles.  From the world, to the world.

Base Style#: ISRR03

**Expected Delivery Time**

Most pieces are made to order and will take between 1-2 weeks to complete from when your order was confirmed. If in stock, we will try to send it within a week after confirmation.  Please do let us know if you require your order urgently.  We understand and will do everything possible to oblige.  Besides, it is an exciting challenge.

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