Meaningful Jewelry from a philosopher jeweler.

The creation of my Irthly brand has been the culmination of a deeply rooted jewelry heritage that spans generations; my own 25 years of jewelry experience; my philosophical background; and my vision on contemporary jewelry design.  My goal is to demonstrate that fine jewelry can express luxury, uniqueness, and a multi-dimensionality of meaning  and ethics so that one can feel a deep connection to world and others.

At the same time, I have my own views of contemporary art and what role fine jewelry should play in contemporary art and topics.  My jewelry needs to be a medium of communication that can express statements or that can provide a platform for discussion.  I am passionate, unrelenting, and unapologetic about my pursuit.  I decided long ago that my life path was going to be driven by my philosophical aspiration to compassionately reach out to the world through whatever medium I happen to produce.  Jewelry happened to be medium that arose so I am here sharing it.

There are some of you who already have your diamond studs, pendants, tennis bracelet and engagement ring and band and would like to venture into more statement jewelry that makes you feel something.  I would like to provide valuable information that may assist you in selecting statement jewelry.  

There are also some of you who would like nothing more than to avoid the standard or common practices of traditional jewelry like those diamond studs, pendants, rings, and bracelets.  I would like to provide you with insight into alternative jewelry.

I am also here for folks who do want meaning in their jewelry and who want to discuss contemporary issues and how we can include them in fine jewelry.  I am sure many of you want to invest in meaningful fine jewelry but perhaps have a hard time trying to figure out how to place meaning in jewelry (outside of it being a symbol of love or status).  We also know that contemporary issues should be part of our jewelry art, but we do not know how that can be done.  I want to raise a forum to discuss these issues for all those who want to partake: customers, viewers, designers, or retailers alike.  My blog should raise contemporary and philosophical questions; discuss how jewelry designers have addressed them; and discuss if there is room for growth.  Most posts will be open-ended and I invite you all to participate in the discussion.

I know some of you also like to see what designers go through when they are contemplating their designs.  I will share with you my own thought process and how it relates to the times, to my philosophy, and to my other quirks and eccentricities.

My 25 years of jewelry experience and Master's in comparative: Chinese and European philosophy with a focus on feminine philosophy, ethics, compassion, and education will be my catalyst and credentials, and my awards and recognition are my referrals that I am doing something critically acclaimed.

I am a lucky husband and father of two fascinating boys.  I enjoy partner dancing (or teaching it), playing flamenco guitar, and listening to all sorts of music, with occasional karaoke sessions.  When I grow up, I want to teach elementary kids to think deeper, to speak and listen intently, and to behave more compassionately—philosophy, as defined as the ethic of loving wisdom.

I hope you enjoy what I hope are fruitful posts.

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