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What is Designer Jewelry? We hear that designer jewelry brands are prestigious and sought after.  We read and see promotions and ads that inform us of the many brands and stores selling "designer jewelry."  When we look deeper though, some of those so-called designer brands are predominantly manufacturing the same-looking commercial jewelry one sees everywhere.  At first look, this shouldn't be a big deal. After all, aren't all jewelry designs made by designers?  Some person (or persons) had to design a piece of jewelry in order to be produced.  However, there is a real, tangible reason to appreciate Designer Jewelry as...

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My goal is to demonstrate that fine jewelry can express luxury, uniqueness, and a multi-dimensionality of meaning so that one can feel a deep connection to world and others.

There are some of you who already have your diamond studs, pendants, tennis bracelet and engagement ring and band and would like to venture into more statement jewelry that makes you feel something.  I would like to provide valuable information that may assist you in selecting statement jewelry.

My 25 years of jewelry experience and Master's in comparative: Chinese and European philosophy with a focus on feminine philosophy, ethics, compassion, and education will be my catalyst and credentials, and my awards and recognition are my referrals that I am doing something critically acclaimed.

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